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Brisbane Devoured: Sydney - Lindt Cafe

November 26, 2010

Sydney - Lindt Cafe

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L and I took off for a naughty weekend getaway to Sydney. L has only been to Sydney once and I haven’t really been and visited the city area for a couple of years so we were excited and fully prepared to eat a lot of food. As soon as we touched down and got to our hotel which was situated near Darling Harbour, we took off for a stroll around the Harbour area and headed straight for the Lindt cafe, which I’ve previously had the pleasure of  sampling.

Unfortunately it was a Saturday afternoon, which meant we had to contend with the usual multitude of tourists as well as Sydney-siders out enjoying their weekend. The Lindt cafe was majorly crowded and we had a lot of trouble finding a table. The tables that were there were also chockers with empty glasses and plates that hadn’t been cleared.
L ordered the vanilla waffles for us to share, and we resolved to buy a few of their chocolates and their yummy delices to scoff later at the hotel. 

I panicked a bit as I thought the waffles might be ready before we managed to find a table, but we somehow found one indoors thankfully. 

The waffle was AMAZINGLY yummy, but I thought a bit small for the price ($15.50). It consisted of one waffle covered in icing sugar and a large scoop of vanilla bean icecream, with a small jug of lindt milk chocolate to spread over as we wished. I wish we had had another waffle on the plate, as I think we scoffed it down in about 23 seconds between us. 

L bought about 10 chocolates to take back to the hotel. Needless to say, they didn’t last the whole weekend, they didn’t even last an hour actually...hmmm. They included flavours that you cannot normally buy in stores including peanut butter, cookies and cream, coffee, peppermint and raspberry.
Whilst we were deciding on and purchasing chocolates I tried to take a few photos of the display cabinets... got a few in before being told in no uncertain terms that I was not to take photos of the chocolates at all. I asked why, and was just told “I don’t know!! Just don’t!!” Hmmmmm, what the? 

I bought a caramel salt delice which was so delicious, the salty caramel in the centre was an amazing contrast to the sweetness of the biscuit. I also grabbed a dark chocolate delice which was equally decadent.
The Lindt cafe is a bit of a novelty. I think that somewhere like Max Brenner offers bigger serves but Lindt has that unique and slightly more refined Lindt chocolate experience. If you can brave the tourist hordes, give it a go. Just don’t try to take any photos in there!


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