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Brisbane Devoured: Sydney - Yama Japanese Cafe

November 29, 2010

Sydney - Yama Japanese Cafe

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A lot of our weekend in Sydney was spent perusing the lovely Queen Victoria Building. We had had a largeish breakfast that morning and after spending quite a few dollars and dragging L around the shops buying clothes, clothes and more clothes, I was after a light lunch. 

We escalatored our way up to the top of the QVB to the lovely Yama Japanese Cafe. The menu caught my eye as they have a large variety of loose leaf teas to choose from and I was so in the mood for a pot of tea. 

We sat down and after perusing the menu I became hungrier and hungrier.
I chose the Sydney Special blend pot of tea (a mixture of black and green tea blends, mmmm), whilst L decided to be rebellious and ordered sake.
For food, we ordered gyoza (panfried dumplings), chicken karaage and the salmon lovers plate which consisted of salmon ngiri and salmon and avocado small rolls. 
The food was LOVELY. I kept raving about how glad I was that we had chosen to eat there. The salmon was fresh and delicious, and the salmon sushi rolls had an amazing sweetness to them which although I didn’t know what it was, I quite enjoyed the flavour.
The gyoza were practically inhaled, but fairly standard when it comes to gyoza.  We finished up with the chicken karaage which was crunchy and covered in seaweed garnish and Japanese mayo and came with a fresh nicely dressed side salad. 

Salmon lovers sushi plate
Pot of tea + chicken karaage

I quite enjoyed my tea also, although the strainer was an odd contrapment which took a bit of getting used to.... whoops there went a heap of spilled tea on the tablecloth.  L decided to order his sake cold, and he was pleasantly surprised by the sweet flavour of the one he ordered.
Seriously, this place was great, and combined two of my great loves, Japanese food and tea. 

We need more good Japanese in Brisbane! The only place that we regularly visit is Bishamon at Spring Hill, but we haven’t even been able to find anywhere else that looks good enough to try...
Bring Yama up to Brisbane I say!!!


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