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Brisbane Devoured: A Night In India

February 21, 2011

A Night In India

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Back in my uni days, I lived in Toowong and recall getting takeaway from A Night In India. Nowadays I am reliving the uni life through L as he is still studying and so we headed out for a big group dinner to this well known Indian restaurant with his uni mates.
The decor is rather shabby, as it is with a lot of Indian restaurants, and it was really dark indoors. It was also really hot inside, as they didn’t seem to have their airconditioning turned up. 

Their menu is large, and has an extensive selection of vegetarian dishes, not that I was going to order one. As we were with a large group, the waitress allocated us all individual numbers so we could receive our meals and pay with ease, which was quite smart I thought. They have no problem with split billing which is awesome. 

I ordered a Butter chicken ($17) and a garlic naan ($4), whilst L ordered a goat vindaloo (also $17) and a keema naan ($5) with raita ($4) and shared meat samosas with a friend for entree ($7).


I know butter chicken is incredibly boring to order, however in my defence I love it and it is definitely a dish which you can easily compare with other versions at other restaurants.

The butter chicken was really creamy whilst not being too heavy, definitely extremely mild though, I should have asked for medium.  The garlic naan was delicious, not too garlicky thank goodness, but slightly greasy. The naan was a decent serving size, in hindsight we should have just ordered one to share. The raita was nice and creamy, I hate watery raita.

Butter Chicken
Garlic naan

When L ordered his vindaloo, he was questioning how hot they made it and asked for it to come out hotter than they usually do the dish, which was no problem. He was disappointed in the end, as it STILL wasn’t as hot as he wanted it..... but was very happy with the flavour of the curry. 

Goat Vindaloo

All the curries come with complementary basmati rice and we received complementary pappadums also.

A Night In India was still as delicious as the takeaway that I remember getting years ago, and is a great place for a big group dinner particularly as they split the bill for you and make it very easy to pay! All in all, A Night In India serves decent Indian.


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