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Brisbane Devoured: Dodgy Cupcake Efforts

February 21, 2011

Dodgy Cupcake Efforts

I wish I was amazing at baking cupcakes like some of the writers of the blogs that I read. Okay, so I have so far not put in much effort towards achieving my dream, however I am getting there and would like to share a couple of photos of the first cupcakes that I have baked. 
Yes, they look fairly sad however I am still slightly proud of them. 

Vanilla cupcakes with basic glace icing... I had a massive fight with the icing and got very angry
Chocolate cupcakes with choc buttercream frosting... first effort at piping anything.. very sad

1 comment:

  1. Be proud, that huge swirl of buttercream icing looks pretty delicious to me!

    I am a sucker for buttercream, not simply because it's name combines two of my favourite ingredients ;)

    The glaze looks great too, nice and thick and I bet it would look really cute with a little sugar flower on top.